Some snaps from Vancouver


View from the Seabus

Vancouver is the loveliest of cities. Framed by the mountains and the sea; diverse, energetic and friendly even in the seedier streets. As usual I decided to explore a bit on a bike and I rode around the Stanley Park peninsula, beginning and ending at English Bay.


IMG_0627 IMG_0644 IMG_0643 IMG_0635 IMG_0630 IMG_0628

Then in the afternoon I crossed over to the south side and saw a bit of Kitsilano.

IMG_0648 IMG_0649

Totem poles tell a story if read from the bottom up.

Totem poles tell a story if read from the bottom up.

IMG_0652 IMG_0655 IMG_0650

Aside from gazing into the distance, there are plenty of nice things to do, like eating magnificent sushi.

When you’re not being a glutton, though, you can visit some national parks, Lynn Canyon being one example.

IMG_0728 IMG_0731 IMG_0734 IMG_0736 IMG_0743

It’s in the north-west and easily reachable with public transport.

Here are some cute photos from the Vancouver Aquarium, for good measure.

IMG_0723 IMG_0709 IMG_0692 IMG_0690 IMG_0679



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