ABC Overnights goes to Tokyo

Hear me talking to Rod Quinn on ABC Local Radio’s Overnights on July 18. I check in from Tokyo and chat about the typhoon, the Olympic Stadium and the owl café.


The God No!s at Hawaii Bar

Before I start on all the gorgeous things that were waiting for me in Sydney, let’s relive my favourite show with The God No!s – August 30 at the strangely neon and cosy Hawaii Bar on Dovercourt Road in Toronto.

British Columbia up in flames

Every year fires rage across Canada, but this year is shaping up to be extreme. More than 4 million hectares have been burnt already – that’s double the average. The province of British Columbia has exhausted all its resources, and those of its surrounding provinces, and last week around 80 firefighters from Australia flew in to help out.

As 2SER’s “Canadian Correspondent” I checked in with The Daily on Monday morning to fill Sydney in.

The Sound of the Kora


The kora is an instrument from West Africa. It’s a bit like a harp and a bit like a banjo but has a character all its own.

Lucas Tensen plays the kora and makes them, too. He played some tunes for me and told me all about why he loves their unique sound.

This was broadcast a few weeks ago on my old show, Monday Daily on 2SER.

I’m in a band!

As absolutely anyone would know by my incessant bragging, I’m learning the drums and was lucky enough to get asked to play with a band. We’re called The Go No!s.

This was the Open Mic night at Pauper’s Pub on Bloor St, last Thursday night.

And no, you can’t see me in the video but believe me, I was looking terrified because this was my first live performance ever. Well, not quite. I used to perform piano at every school assembly, but that was way less cool.

People in Toronto should like our Facebook page.

P.S. Playing drums is much harder, but even more fun than it looks!