My new toy – Zoom H4n

zoom h4n



Yesterday I morphed into a serious person with actual career ambitions (I kid – even as a 4 year-old wearing a tiara I was serious about being a princess one day) when I spent a wad of cash on some equipment for recording in the field.

This new thing – Zoom H4n – looks cool, fits in my handbag and impressed my housemate. It also has a cute windsock hat which makes it look like one of those troll dolls. More importantly, I tested it out this morning and couldn’t believe the clarity of the recordings that I made. True, I don’t have a wealth of experience with this kind of technology but I think for my purposes I will be very satisfied. The two mics on the top are apparently a great improvement on the last Zoom model. So I’m not sure if it’s necessary to use an external mic. I guess I will find out the hard way!

Now for some hard-hitting interviewing.