Election 2013: The seat of Grayndler

The federal seat of Grayndler in NSW was an interesting one in the 2013 Federal Election, in which the biggest competition was between sitting member Anthony Albanese and longtime activist from The Greens, Hall Greenland. I put together this package for the Community Radio Network’s Election Night broadcast. I was assisted by producer Michaela Morgan, who recorded Albanese at the Grayndler Forum.


The Friday Daily – Electoral funding farce

This week in politics was dominated by a failed bill that would have provided more public administrative funding to political parties and impose tougher rules on donations. Tony Abbott withdrew support for the bill, saying “the people have spoken”. What were the people saying? And who comes out looking the worst from this whole episode? Crikey’s man in Canberra Bernard Keane chatted to me on The Friday Daily on May 31.