The Monday Daily – Two sides of the sweatshop story

New Sewing Machine (practicecactus, Flickr)

New Sewing Machine (practicecactus, Flickr)


This week I took over The Monday Daily on 2SER while the regular host was absent. The show featured two interviews about clothing manufacturing – a reflection on the recent sweatshop disaster in Bangladesh, and an insight into how a group of Australians is working to protect manufacturing workers from exploitation. These interviews were live on air.

Here Daisy Gardener from Oxfam Australia chats to me about what can be done to prevent future tragedies like the recent factory building collapse in Bangladesh.

Penina Huho is the Creative Director of No Sweat Fashions, an Australian initiative  that provides support and training for newly arrived refugees and other migrants to work in manufacturing and garment making. It’s a positive story from the fashion industry.