The Friday Daily – Electoral funding farce

This week in politics was dominated by a failed bill that would have provided more public administrative funding to political parties and impose tougher rules on donations. Tony Abbott withdrew support for the bill, saying “the people have spoken”. What were the people saying? And who comes out looking the worst from this whole episode? Crikey’s man in Canberra Bernard Keane chatted to me on The Friday Daily on May 31.


The Friday Daily: Elections in Pakistan

I spoke to Associate Professor Claude Rakisits from Deakin University about the recent elections in Pakistan. The presumptive Prime Minister is Nawaz Sharif, although there were allegations of vote rigging from his opponent, Imran Khan. It remains to be seen how the new leader will deal with the Pakistani Taliban.

This was first broadcast on The Friday Daily on 2SER, on May 17. As of next week I will be that show’s new presenter.

(Correction from Claude: The PPP came 2nd, not 3rd.)