Weapons of Mass Deception – my interview with Norma Percy



I was very excited to be able to interview Norma Percy, an amazingly accomplished documentary filmmaker whose latest work, The Iraq War, explores the murky origins of the conflict, the machinations of the war itself and the depressing aftermath.

This was first broadcast on The Friday Daily on 2SER.


Lemon, Lime and Bitters



Two of my good radio friends and I – Tawar Razaghi and Miles Martignoni – decided to enter the Third Coast International ShortDocs Challenge. The challenge was to make a short radio documentary that was somehow related to “appetite” and presented in three “courses”. It also had to have a taste word in the title. Our end result could not have been called anything other than Lemon, Lime and Bitters, fixated as it was on one man’s quest for intoxication and the resulting unease this was causing for his lady friend.

We don’t know which docs were shortlisted yet but we are crossing our fingers! (Or pressing our thumbs, as the Germans would say.)

All The Best – The BrainWaves Choir


A radio documentary I made about the BrainWaves choir in Newcastle, which is a collaboration between Bernadette Matthias and the stroke team at Hunter New England Health. Sound and production supervision by Belinda Lopez. Broadcast on March on 16 on All The Best, which is produced at FBi and distributed on the Community Radio Network.


Bernadette Matthias

This was a major project for me and I was pretty humbled to meet Bernadette, Belinda and Bryan and hear their stories of tragedy and subsequent healing through music. It was a great experience to put this piece together and I’m pleased that people have enjoyed listening to it, and learning something about what can be achieved when people work together to find new ways to get through the dark times in life.

My mother is learning the bagpipes!

from pipebär (Flickr)

from pipebär (Flickr)


I made this short documentary as part of an internship at Radio National.

My mother decided to learn the bagpipes. They are a difficult instrument to learn, especially when one is working full-time as a country doctor. Yep, I did this documentary before I had had any voice training, but it was a lot of fun.