Pre-adventure interview on ABC Radio

So, I’m off. I’ve actually left the country already but this is an interview I did with Sally Knight on ABC Overnights – me, as producer, the interviewee. It’s all about the trip I’ve been planning and how somebody can learn to drive on the “other side” of the road.


Fourth Estate – Lucie as host for International Women’s Day



I’ve been busy making radio. One radio thing I do every week is produce Fourth Estate, a half-hour media and current affairs panel show for 2SER and the Community Radio Network. The show is now on the WalkleyTalks Podcast as well. So, we’re everywhere.

For the special occasion of International Women’s Day, 2SER broadcast special programs all day on March 8th and one of them was an all-female edition of Fourth Estate. I made my hosting debut. My guests were Kathy Novak from SBS, Joanne McCarthy from the Newcastle Herald (who won last year’s Gold Walkley) and Melanie Withnall, who is the Managing Director of 2SER. We spoke about how women rise through the ranks in the current media landscape, who’s getting interviewed the most and women who are making the news.

Please listen. 



Election 2013: The seat of Grayndler

The federal seat of Grayndler in NSW was an interesting one in the 2013 Federal Election, in which the biggest competition was between sitting member Anthony Albanese and longtime activist from The Greens, Hall Greenland. I put together this package for the Community Radio Network’s Election Night broadcast. I was assisted by producer Michaela Morgan, who recorded Albanese at the Grayndler Forum.

Weapons of Mass Deception – my interview with Norma Percy



I was very excited to be able to interview Norma Percy, an amazingly accomplished documentary filmmaker whose latest work, The Iraq War, explores the murky origins of the conflict, the machinations of the war itself and the depressing aftermath.

This was first broadcast on The Friday Daily on 2SER.

Is the US a failed state?


I’m back on The Daily on Friday mornings. Every week I chat to Ed Blakely, Honorary Professor in Urban Policy at the US Studies Centre (at the University of Sydney) about what’s happening stateside and around the world. Last week was particularly interesting – gun violence, the “Prison Industrial Complex” and race relations in America.

This was first broadcast on 2SER on August 23.

Friday Daily political chats: Joe Hildebrand and Mark Kenny

June 26 was the best and worst of days. I neglected all my work-at-home work, glued to ABC24 and Twitter and paralysed by the anxiety of all of it.
Two days after the spill I was fortunate to talk to Joe Hildebrand live on my show. It was great fun.

Joe Hildebrand

One week later Kevin Rudd took control of NSW Labor, which has been a big mess for a long time. We cancelled a report on the Rabbitohs leaving Redfern to talk to Mark Kenny. (Posted without comment.)

Mark Kenny

On The Streets of Sao Paulo

Adriano Sao Paulo 

A few weeks ago cities in Brazil erupted in protest, sparked by a public transport fare increase but fuelled by citizens’ anger about years of corruption and failing infrastructure. Through the miracle of social media I tracked down a young protestor in Sao Paulo and found out what was happening on the streets.

This interview was first broadcast on The Friday Daily on 2SER on June 21.

Natalia Beristáin – Non Quiero Dormir Sola


Natalia Berstain film interview

I spoke to the glamorous and polite Mexican film director Natalia Beristáin for the Spanish Film Festival. Her new film, Non Quiero Dormir Sola (She Doesn’t Want To Sleep Alone) is a delicately rendered portrait of two women – an elderly actress and her disillusioned Gen-Y granddaughter – who are forced to let each other into their lives. Natalia and I spoke about the film and the Mexican film industry.

Here’s the trailer:

This was first broadcast on The Friday Daily on 2SER.

Final Draft: Life After Life by Kate Atkinson


WWII_London_Blitz_East_London (Inf-Lite Teacher, Flickr)


Life After Life is British author Kate Atkinson’s 8th novel. It’s about the many many lives of Ursula Todd, who is born many times on a winter’s night in England in 1910 and dies in many different ways – Spanish Flu, The London Blitz and various accidents. It’s all about the many twists and turns one person’s life can take and how that affects where we all end up, and at the same time illustrates what it was like to be a woman in 20th century England.

There is a whole lot of detail about day-to-day English life in the book, including some descriptions of awful-sounding food. I had fun asking Kate about that.

Kate came out to Sydney for the Sydney Writers’ Festival, and I caught up with her in her hotel lobby. I started off by asking how Kate came across the idea of telling a story through one individual’s many lives and deaths.

This was first broadcast on 2SER’s Final Draft on June 8.

The Friday Daily: The Dalai Lama in Australia


The Dalai Lama is visiting Australia next week. His guest lecture at the University of Sydney was the subject of some controversy.

I spoke to Kyinzom Dhongdue from the Australia Tibet Council on today’s Daily on 2SER. I started off by asking about who the Dalai Lama actually is and why this visit is significant.

I grew up with images and stories of Tibet, mainly because my mother worked with many Tibetan people in northern India as a young doctor. I always knew it as an exotic place where the people were peaceful and continually suffering. This is still the case, and I am interested to see if anything constructive comes out of this upcoming visit.