Deers in Nara Park


Many cities in Japan were, at one time or another, the capital. Nara is one of those. It’s about 40 minutes away from Kyoto on the train and its big drawcards are its antique temples and its huge park full of deer. These deer were once considered sacred due to a visit from a mythical god who was riding a deer. Today, they’re only “national treasures” but in any case they seem to have a good time interacting with all the humans and trying to steal their stuff.






There’s more to see in the park. Beautiful ponds and pagodas, for example.


The highlight is the astonishing Todai-ji palace, which is apparently the largest wooden structure in the world.


And of course the giant buddha, which is a wonder to behold, although my photos could never do it justice.


A successful day trip, even though it’s hot and sticky beyond belief right now in Japan!


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